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This is a demonstration website of Kernel Team Video Sharing software.

All content appearing on this website is a publicly available content provided for software demonstration only. If you think that any content is illegal and should be removed, please contact us and we will remove it immediately.

You may log in to Admin Panel, using the following administrator accounts:
demo_admin / demo - super administrator with english locale and enabled popups.
demo_limited / demo - limited administrator with english locale and disabled popups.
demo_admin_ru / demo - super administrator with russian locale and enabled popups.

Please note that your account will be limited to prevent information modification / creation. You will be able to access all Admin Panel functionality including create and update forms. However you will not be able to save any data to the database, e.g. an error will be generated.

If you would like to sign up and log in to the website member's area, please note that all the data you specify during sign up process (except password) will be visible for everybody who logs in to Admin Panel using credentials provided above. Please do not provide any sensitive data such as emails or contact details.

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